IICS Fall '20 October Release -Change for SAP Table Reader Mappings Enabled for Delta Extraction

Version 2

    Please note the changes that will be specific to SAP Table Reader connector enhancements and make the necessary changes prior to the upgrade for a seamless take over.


    Description of the change


    In the upcoming release of Cloud Data Integration - Fall 2020, the delta extraction feature for SAP Table Reader Connector is enhanced.


    To configure delta extraction in mappings using SAP Table Reader Connector in Fall 2020, you must install the following SAP Table Reader connection transport files on the SAP machines:




    Impact for existing mappings


    After the upgrade, if you do not install the SAP Table Reader connection transport files, existing mappings from earlier releases that were configured for delta extraction using the SAP Table Reader Connector fail. There is no impact to SAP Table Reader mappings that are enabled for 0 - Full as the Data Extraction Mode.  


    The following screenshot shows a mapping with the options that you might have enabled for delta extraction:





    Steps to take


    If you want to avoid any post-upgrade failure of mappings enabled for delta extraction, you can manually install the SAP Table Reader Connector jars in the Secure Agent location and the transports on SAP beforehand.


    These are the same transport files that are shipped with the Fall 2020 release. If you install these files beforehand, there is no action required after the upgrade.


    Contact Global Customer Support to get the required SAP Table Reader Connector jars and transport files. We advise you to plan the downtime accordingly and manually apply the patch before the upgrade so that existing mappings enabled for delta extraction work seamlessly.


    Perform the following tasks to apply the patch: 

    1. Stop the Secure Agent.
    2. Take a backup of the sap-cloud-adapter.jar available at the following location:

    To get the sap-cloud-adapter.jar file, contact Global Customer Support.  

    1. Start the Secure Agent.
    2. Before running SAP Table Reader mappings configured with delta extraction, upgrade the transport files on SAP.

    To get the transport files, contact Global Customer Support




    For more information on the upcoming release please refer: