Data Privacy Management EBFs - September 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (DPM) (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    18822S@S 5.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • SATS-30983 - Elastic Search to be submitted to a specific YARN Queue
    • SATS-31451 - New service option to customize Elastic Search data path
    • SATS-31452 - S@S yarn apps failing to start when krb5.conf path is configured to a different location than /etc/krb5.conf
    • SATS-31203 - Hive Test Connection fails with incorrect JDBC string
    • SATS-31204 - Hive Scan Schema fetch fails with Error fetching details for Schema
    • SATS-31205 - Hive scan Row Count step fails with
    18904DPM 10.4.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • SATS-23083 - DSAR Report not Pulling Back Successfully when Subject Name has a comma in Subject Registry
    • SATS-31015 - Evaluate Classification Policies job not running with a NEW status
    • SATS-31016 - Remote Agent scan fails if FILE_PATH characters are greater than 255 characters
    • SATS-31364 - Load Catalog Step fails when row match count is 3127201640
    • SATS-30998 - Forward port : User with add/modify DD privilege is not able to add and modify data domains
    • SATS-30995 - Forward port : DPM 5.1 - DPM protection job misses parameters related to batch update for  protection masking jobs
    • SATS-30206 - Forward port : DPM 10.4.1 || While Scanning PC RS Datastore Workflows are not seen in the 'PowerCenter Folder Name'
    • SATS-30201 - Forward port : Reset classification policy is not cleaning risk score details
    • SATS-30198 - Forward port : S@S 5.1 || Editing the Data Domain is updating the Group as 'SecureAtSourceService'
    • SATS-30195 - Forward port : Ability to import only sensitive fields into DPM
    • SATS-30190 - Forward port : 'Reset classification' - Job won't trigger if scan end up with WARNING status
    • SATS-29998 - Forward port : S@S 5.0 || Blank Schema name in the Data Store Scan Result
    • SATS-29994 - Forward port : S@S 5.0 - Oracle scan job stuck at 'Updating augmentation schema' step
    • SATS-29989 - Forward port : Data Match result for sensitive columns not proper when Metadata & Data Percent Profiling run with Metadata Overrides Data trump rule
    • SATS-29987 - Forward port : UI is crashing in S@S if 2 permissions are not provided to the User
    • SATS-29985 - Forward port : S@S 5.0 - DS import job with location details stuck in S@S at 'Save to Repository' step
    • SATS-29982 - Forward port : S@S 5.0 - False-negative results are not retained for sensitive fields
    • SATS-29979 - Forward port : S@S 5.0 || Row count error when the field is defined with larger value than in CAST statement issued by S@S
    • SATS-29975 - Forward port : CR || After applying EBF-16600 on SATS 5.0, the export of Data Store Sensitive Fields does not contain 'OBJECT' and 'FIELD_NAME'
    • SATS-29972 - Forward port : Evaluate Classification Policies is taking 6 hours to complete