Data Privacy Management EBFs - August 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    18356 SecureAtSource 5.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • SATS-29924- DPM protection job misses parameters related to batch update for protection masking jobs
    • SATS-30180- User with add/modify DD privilege is not able to add and modify data domains
      Forward ports
    • SATS-29996- Blank Schema name in the Data Store Scan Result
    • SATS-29992- Oracle scan job getting stuck at 'Updating augmentation schema' step
    • SATS-29983 - DS import job with location details stuck in S@S at 'Save to Repository' step
    • SATS-29980 -  False (negative) results are not retained for sensitive fields
    • SATS-29977 - Row count error when the field is defined with larger value than in CAST statement issued by S@S
    • SATS-29973 - After applying EBF-16600 on SATS 5.0, the export of Datastore Sensitive Fields does not contain 'OBJECT' and 'FIELD_NAME’
    • SATS-15523- Error in S@S UI while opening a data store
    18400 DPM 10.4.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • SATS-30204 - Connection string and schema details for a datastore is cleared from DPM UI
    • SATS-29970 - Separate privileges for catalog resource import and modifying classification policies
    • SATS-30250 - Violations are not getting generated for datastores which are mapped for Agent scan
    • SATS-29946 - DB2_Upgrade: First Job step in Master Job is failing with error "Upgrade not supported for db type”.
    • SATS-29958 - Google Drive Size of the file is not fetched, so browse returns all the files even though option "When scanning skip files over 50 MB size"
    • SATS-30214 - Upgrade1041_WithoutSR_Config: Encrypt HBase content job step is getting failed if we don’t have sr_config file with proper details
    • SATS-30209 - Clicking on Sensitive page link for Top datastore view -> Unstructured datastores is throwing an exception due to unsupported SQL grammar by Oracle 11g database as a Repo
    • SATS-29951 - Google Drive fails in both Browse step and Profiling due to quota limit
    • SATS-30118 - Google Drive: Even though browse returned 41 files, the Agent profile did not scan any files.(intermittent)
    • SATS-30345 - Delta Scan is failing due to Data Domain Sync job updating the domains every day
    • SATS-29938 - SR Scan for Azure WASB is going into an infinite loop