Enterprise Data Catalog EBFs - August 2020

Version 2

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    18622EDC 10.4.0This EBF addresses "Extraction of BDM dynamic mapping issue when parameter file is used"
    18737EDC 10.2.2 HF1 SP1This EBF addresses "LDM admin monitoring causes lag on UI due to the huge number of monitoring records loaded" issue
    17844EDC 10.4.1This EBF addresses "Issue with the Catalog Service Start-Up, it fails with ERROR graphdao.JanusGraphObjectIterator: java.lang.IllegalStateException"
    18588EDC 10.4.1This EBF addresses "Value frequency results shows "ORA_EMPTY" along with special characters for empty column"
    18299 EDC EBF addresses "EDC vulnerabilities related to jquery, bootstrap and session cookies"
    18552 EDC EBF addresses "Sampling Options are not honored for EDC Profiling jobs to run on Azure SQL Datawarehouse resource"