Version 1


    This is a program to run the other programs in Kerberos context. Note that KUtil honors the conf properties loaded into it and will not run the Child utility/program in Kerberos context if the property hadoop.security.authentication != kerberos


    1. Compile the program if not done.
      $ unzip jdbcc.zip$ cdjdbcc$ exportINFA_HOME=/path/to/infa/home$ ./compile.sh
    2. Know the main class name of the program you want to run. In this example, we have assumed it as "JDBCClient". We are using this JDBCClient to connect to a secure Hive DB.
    3. Let the KUtil run your program in Hadoop Kerberos context.


      $ java -cp. KUtil \-u <kerberos-principal-name> \-k </path/to/keytab/file>    \JDBCClient                   \<args needed forJDBCClient>Other options available-cf </path/to/conf/file>  : Load hadoop configuration files-cv <key=value>  : Load config from key value pair-i <impersonationUser>  : Do the operations as impersonationUser



    1. Load the config file present in /tmp/abc.xml. (Absolute path)


      $ java -cp. KUtil -cf /tmp/abc.xml ...


    2. Use the config "foo.bar.baz=tmp".


      $ java -cp. KUtil -cv foo.bar.baz=tmp ...