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    ssgodbc is an interactive query tool for testing ODBC connection. You can enter a SQL statement, such as a SELECT query, and view the results. You can execute data definition language (DDL) statements to create tables and other objects.

    Usecase / Scenario

    • The tool can be used to troubleshoot any issues with DB sessions connected through ODBC. Many times users face issues with ODBC sessions like a connection issue, session hang, and unexpected results. You can use this tool with the same dsn in the same Informatica server to isolate the issue to be either a product issue or a Driver or a Database issue.


    • This tool is available for all platforms for both 32 bit and 64 bit dsn. This tool is located under: "$INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/ssgodbc<os name><byteness>"
      Example: Here is the name of the binary for Linux 64 bit under $INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/ssgodbc/linux64:


    Usage: ssgodbc -d dsn -u username -p password [-t user] [-v] [-g]
    -d Data Source Name
    -u odbc username
    -p odbc password
    -v verbose output
    -c column description only
    -g get array size only
    -t time SQLTablesW for user

    Sample Run Output

    Here is the sample Run output of this tool:

    If all the entries inside the dsn is correctly configured, ssgodbc will successfully connect to the DB and prompt for a SQL query to be executed.

    Files (Runnable & Source Code)

    System Requirement

    • It is available on all platforms (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows)
    • Make sure that the ODBC environment variable ($LD_LIBRARY_PATH and $ODBCINI) is set before running this tool.

    Current Limitations / Bugs

    • For Windows, the ssgodbc tool is not currently packaged with the installer. However, you can copy the Windows binary from any non-Windows installation to a Windows box and run it there.

    Future Enhancements

    • Can be improved to include SQL binding testing.