Version 3


    • Infa9logs is a tool used to collect application services logs – both from log service and from file system, workflow logs and session logs.

    Usecase / Scenario

    • Infa9Logs is a command-line utility to collect multiple logs with a single command.
    • It can be used to collect application service logs written to file system, log service agent, workflow and session logs.
    • Logs being an important component for debugging, these logs help Informatica support obtain a holistic view of the problem with all logs collected for the same time frame


    • Collect all the service logs and platform logs at once.
    • Can be run in silent mode.

    Usage / Example

    1. Before Starting InfaLogs-

    - You can find InfaLogs in INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/InfaLogs folder.
    - If not, copy the zip file ( from Informatica site to INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/
    - Unzip the zip file.
    - For UNIX systems, chmod the file to executable.
    - Make sure it is located inside the Informatica Home directory.
    - The present working directory should be inside the Informatica Home directory.
    - INFA_HOME environment variable is NO longer required.

        2. Depending on the Operating System, start infa9log.bat/sh

        3. When the application starts, it may ask for a Java executable location if it is unable to locate one by itself.

        4. Application logs are stored in infalogout directory.


    Sample Run Output

    Present working directory is /home/vivkumar/IS_02742040_vento.informatica.com_10.2.0_HF2_64/10.2.0_HF2/tools/debugtools/infaLogs
    Domain Username (Default:Administrator) :
    Domain Password * *[ERROR] Not a valid password, Enter a valid domain password************** *
    Validating username/password please wait ...
    Authentication successful.

    Default to time range 05/04/2020 to 05/05/2020 ?(y/n):y
    Output log directory default(InfaLogs) :
    Default file name selected for the Log directory
    Initializing application...
    Application initialized successfully
    About to zip log files
    Fetch service logs ?(y/n):y
    Retrieving list of services which are running in the domain
    Retrieving the service logs...
    There are no services currently running in the domain
    Retrieving the domain logs...
    Zipping of files in progress.
    +============================ RUN SUMMARY ============================+
    InfaLogs V 2.0.8
    Application Executed on 2020-05-05
    79 log files zipped.
    Zip file InfaLogs/
    Generated Successfully.

    Files (Runnable & Source Code)


    System Requirement

    • JRE 1.8
    • Informatica Server files

    More Info

    • java
    • infacmd

    Current Limitations / Bugs

    • infalogs fails to package DIS service logs  GCSTOOLS-1410 - infalogs fails to package DIS service logsSUBMITTED


    Future Enhancements

    • Can be improved to include support to collect logs for all the new services in all the folders.