Data Privacy Management EBFs - July 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    EBF-18292DPM 10.4Support for Windows authentication for SQL Server DB during installation
    EBF-17965DPM 10.4.0

    This EBF addresses the following:

    • SATS-20955 - While Scanning PCRS Datastore Workflows are not seen in the 'PowerCenter Folder Name'

    Forward port CRs:

    • SATS-21488 - Intermittent issues while elastic search startup and shutdown
    • SATS-21405 -Import catalog resources job is not bringing in all the fields into S@S as expected
    • SATS-21090 - 'Case sensitive' checkbox is not available in DS creation page
    • SATS-21088 - Option to upload parameter files related to PCRS scan from S@S UI
    • SATS-21086 - Subject Registry Entity Searching and Indexing on Numeric Field
    • SATS-18869 - Secure JDBC Parameters are not passed to the Connection created in TDM during Protection Task
    • SATS-18867 - Catalog is not checked when a non-existent field is imported into S@S through sensitive fields import
    • SATS-16951 - Metadata Match Only sensitive columns are not pulled into SATS through Scan, import catalog resource or auto sync with Metadata Overrides Data trump rule
    • SATS-18877 - SecureAtSource app should be working fine when it is brought up on a different node than that of Domain/CS
    EBF-18210DPM 5.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • SATS-20370 Reset classification Job won't trigger if scan ends up with WARNING status
    • SATS-19307 Separate privileges for import catalog resource and modifying classification policies
    • SATS-19771 Ability to view only sensitive fields in DPM
    • SATS-21113 Editing the Data Domain is updating the Group as 'SecureAtSourceService'
    • SATS-21142 Reset classification policy is not cleaning risk score details
    • SATS-21495 Connection string and schema details for a data store getting cleared from DPM UI