Tool - Sharepoint Online OAuth Access & Refresh Token Generator

Version 3

    This is a tomcat based web app which is build to help customer using Sharepoint Online Connector in Informatica Cloud Data Integration (CDI).


    1. Register your app in SharePoint by Navigate to https://<company-name><site-name>/_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx.
    2. Download zip from
    3. Extract the zip.
    4. Double Click Start.bat .
    5. Open https://localhost:8443/spOAuth/ in browser.
    6. Fill in Site Name, Sub Site, Client Id and Scope & Click Authorize. Refer scopes section for more info.
    7. It will launch SharePoint, login and click trust it.
    8. Once Redirected back to https://localhost:8443/spOAuth/callback.jsp , fill in Client Id, Client Secret, Site Name and Click Generate.
    9. Once Generated, Click Copy.




    1. App Creation:

    2. Landing Screen:

    For ex: If your URL is like this

    Give krishnakmr1733 as Site and sites/ETL as Sub Site


    3. Trust the call in MS Sharepoint.

    4. Callback Screen

    5. End Screen. Copy Tokens.


    Sample connection in IICS: