Informatica Release Announcement

Version 3

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    Release Announcement
    April 2020


    What are we announcing?



    Who would benefit from this release?

    This release is for all Data Engineering and Data Catalog customers and prospects who want to take advantage of the updated Hadoop distribution support. This release also have fixes to core platform, connectivity and other functionalities. You can apply this Service Pack after you install or upgrade to Informatica 10.4.0. If you are already on 10.4.0 or, you can directly install


    What’s in this release?

    This update provides the latest ecosystem & connectivity support, cloud support, and bug fixes.


    Data Engineering



    • HDP 3.1.5
    • ADLS Gen 1 support for HDI 3.6


    Enterprise Data Catalog



    • Data domain curation using object import: Data stewards can now accept or reject data domain associations for assets, in bulk, by exporting and importing assets using .csv files.


    Enterprise Data Preparation



    • HDP 3.1.5
    • ADLS Gen 1 support for HDI 3.6



    Release Notes & Product Availability Matrix (PAM)


    Informatica Release Notes:


    PAM for Informatica PAM for Informatica Platform v10.4.0.2