MDM - Product 360 EBFs - April 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    HPM-500828.1.1.05, wildcards like "*" and "?" for item search, because old wildcards "_”, "%" are fixed related to DB stuff
    HPM-5004510Hotfolder imports with one file and multiple readouts get stuck
    HPM-4636110Poor performance when working on structure assignments in case the item has many assignments
    HMM-775410.0.0.01,, 11.0Unable to save user data in MAM Web
    HPM-4987710Hotfolder is lock by different Import groups
    HPM-4990910.0.0.01, 11.0, rest API URL is unable to preview multi-selected data of a lookup field while using aliases
    HPM-4906910.0.0.01,, 11.0Characteristics which are Mandatory are not handled correctly
    HPM-4991210.0.0.01,, 11.0User with action right "Create characteristics" revoked can still create root characteristic
    HPM-4893110.0.0.01,, 11.0, Vulnerabilities in QA WebUI: Reflective XSS in POST/GET request with SAML
    HPM-4957410.0,, template: CompareDate function error
    HPM-4957510MIME Import stops and files displays ERROR without any reason
    HPM-4874710.0.0.01,, 11.0ExportMime function displays the wrong image
    HPM-478598.1.1.04Merge setting "Replace" - qualification by language, type, quality does not work
    HPM-5001410.0.0.01,, 11.0, Update is creating several Change Events in Media Manager