Data Privacy Management EBFs - April 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Data Privacy Management (formerly Secure @ Source (S@S)):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    17355S@S 5.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • The catalog is not checked when a non-existent field is imported into S@S through sensitive fields import
    • S@S app should be working fine when it is brought up on a different node than that of Domain/CS
    • 'Copy Augmentation' step fails for Amazon S3 Data Store with the long S3 Bucket name
    • "Secure JDBC Parameters" are not passed to the Connection created in TDM during Protection Task
    17237S@S 5.0

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • Oracle scan job stuck at 'Updating augmentation schema' step
    • ‘Row count’ error when a field is defined with larger value than in CAST statement issued by S@S
    • Blank Schema name in the Data Store Scan Result
    17302 S@S 5.1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    • On Auto Sync, All INFERRED Domains were removed and only the ACCEPTED/REJECTED entries were retained
    • Metadata Match Only sensitive columns are not pulled into SATS through Scan, import resource or auto sync with Metadata Overrides Data trump rule
    • Data Match and Conformance Score for a field are not set with Metadata and Data Scan and Catalog Import
    • Updating (Add/Delete) Data Domain in a Classification policy triggers an Evaluate Policy Job which fails