Enterprise Data Catalog EBFs - April 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC):


    Product and Version
    Short Description
    17024EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Reusable configuration is hanging in the upgraded environment"
    17476EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Lineage missing issue with Atlas"
    17176EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2This EBF addresses "Ingestion issue when presorting/fetching more than 100000 elements"
    17354EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "EDC Custom attribute filter doesn't work when that value is a multibyte character"
    17020EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP1This EBF addresses "IHS displays "Enter a fully qualified hostname" error when hostname contains hyphen character"
    17398EDC EBF addresses "Performance issue with system view lineage"
    16365EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1This EBF addresses "Slider and Range for decimal and integer type custom attribute does not work" issue
    17199EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Custom Attributes are not showing up as Filter Options in EDC Catalog GUI"
    17425EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Lineage and Impact screen is freezing in Chrome"
    17015EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2This EBF addresses "Platform resource mapping does not show Snowflake source target objects"
    17525EDC EBF addresses "Redshift Scanner / Metadata load from the Redshift scanner schema is failing" issue
    17213EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2This EBF introduces a feature of "Bulk curation of data domains"
    17104EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP1This EBF addresses "SSIS lineage with Flexible File Destination to Azure ADLS Gen2"
    17099EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Problem in fetching the users list while creating search tabs"
    17304EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Redirection to EDC Catalog not working properly when Azure application proxy is used"
    17267EDC EBF addresses "Lineage is breaking in system-level view when the table has public synonyms"
    17403EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Catalog UI hanging due to blocking call to Google-analytics"
    17097EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2This EBF addresses "Security vulnerabilities identified on internal cluster nodes"
    17113EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Upgrade issue fails with ‘com.google.common.util.concurrent.UncheckedExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Map is missing key: 136 map = {}’"
    17094EDC EBF addresses "Glue scanner Null pointer exception"