Enterprise Data Catalog EBFs - March 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC):


    EBF NumberProduct and Version
    Short Description
    17173EDC 10.2.2 SP1 This EBF addresses "OOM error during unstructured windows resource scan"
    16964EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Expand the size of the object names in the lineage view to a new fixed-length which would be sufficient"
    17200EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Flexibility to use a custom property to disable the classic view"
    17227EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1This EBF addresses "Catalog UI object path missing for duplicate entries in objects.csv for custom resource"
    17195EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Workday scanner resource does not save when the domain name is given as "myworkday.com"
    16998 EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses "Ingestion fails with SQL Exception and Catalog Service fails shuts down when any scan is initiated"
    16975EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP2This EBF addresses "Profile execution fails while inserting data to PWH table IDP_RESOURCE_VIEW when the source file path is greater than 255 characters when EDC scanner is run."
    16954EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Double dip authentication needed to run a lineage diagram for LDAP user"
    17060EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP1This EBF addresses "Scanner failure due to long resource names"
    16573EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Issue with Tableau and HANA DB scanners to support an end to end lineage use case in SAPBW"
    17010EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "ODI scanner content hang issue”
    17138EDC 10.2.2 HotFix 1 SP1This EBF addresses "Profile results not getting displayed for multiple tables and specific columns"
    16659EDC 10.4This EBF addresses "Support for traditional Chinese language in catalog UI"