MDM - Product 360 EBFs - February 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:

    Product and Version
    Short Description
    HPM-4879510.0,,, – It is not possible to add more than 66 Characteristic conditional values
    HPM-4762910.0,,,, issue while saving Structure Group Attributes
    HPM-4889810.0,,, when reassigning items of a workflow task to/from Supplier (Web Client)
    HPM-4899810.0,,, in Items of Workflow Task
    HPM-4889710.0,, to open FlexUI with task (however works with table action)
    HPM-4916910.0,‘’ are failing intermittently with NullPointerException
    HPM-4917810.0,, enumeration values are stored in field with import XML file
    HPM-4914810.0,, is getting invisible frequently
    HPM-4907710.0,,, with setting <main supplier> for the ArticleLogisticExtension Entity throws an error and the job is aborted
    HPM-476708., 10.0,,, were discarded in hotfolder for no reason
    HPM-4929210.0,, hotfolder configuration is not recognized by the job server
    HPM-4948610.0,,, short network disruption, all actions triggered by Desktop Client are executed twice on the server
    HPM-4914510.0, Job failed - Error while executing import job
    HPM-4825810.0Disable faceting when DQ context is enabled
    HPM-4484610.0, Trigger will set the wrong Supplier
    HPM-4805510.0, sorter "postfix in file" in a hotfolder group does not work as expected
    HPM-4892510.0,,, to import sub structure to parent one with disabling Allow assignment for all levels
    HPM-489708.1.1.05Read-only don't cover deletion of reference in WEB
    HPM-4825310.0If the search field is sortable=false, then corresponding table column header should not show sort icons
    HPM-4904310.0,,, Tasks cannot be assigned back to Supplier after it was accepted
    HPM-4581710.0, is not possible to use compare view if the version is opened
    HPM-4916810.0,, scheduled during split-brain gets stuck in a scheduled state without QUARTZ trigger
    HPM-4918010.0Initialization of Status Cache takes too long
    HPM-482308.1.0.05,,, 10.0, leak in ProblemLogEntryPersistenceManager