MDM - Product 360 EBFs - January 2020

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    EBF Number
    Product and Product Version
    Short Description
    HSP-369210.0,,,, "Unable to encrypt/decrypt" with reset password link in multi-server
    HPM-4887310.0,,, with setting <main supplier> for the ArticleLogisticExtension Entity throws an error and aborts the merge job
    HPM-488508.1.0.05,, 10.0,,,,, all button is not working for Structure Groups
    HPM-4879510.0,,, to add more than 66 Characteristic conditional values
    HPM-4879210.0,,,, permission to Edit a Characteristic even if it is editable
    HPM-4865710.0,,, characteristic with different format pattern is not working for Decimal data type
    HPM-485928.1.1.05, BMEcat export of a big catalog writes fewer features as expected
    HPM-4855410.0,, startup hangs after killed server with running jobs
    HPM-483978.1.0.05,, 10.0,,,,, All link does not adjust appropriately
    HPM-482328.1.0.05, 10.0,,, focus in User view gets lost
    HPM-482318.1.0.05, 10.0,,, focus in Organization view gets lost
    HPM-481328.,,,,,,, 10.0,,,,, Characteristics allows Command-Injection
    HPM-479528.1.0.05,, 10.0,,,, overlap is getting updated incorrectly when updated through REST API
    HPM-477308.,,,,,,,, 10.0,,,, Statements in Characteristics Validation Expression is not appearing in Log
    HPM-476328.1.0.05,,,, 10.0,, Value lookup is not working correctly
    HPM-450678.1.0.05,,, 10.0,,,,, while maintaining attributes (HPM-44747)