MDM - Product 360 EBFs - December 2019

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    EBF Available on Product and VersionShort Description
    HPM-4857810.0,,, when loading the Supplier Relationships view
    HPM-4851110.0,, value for the field in WebUI is picking old selected value or empty
    HPM-4850510.0,,, overwrites all references in the product master with incorrect data
    HPM-4848110.0, workflow related log messages
    HPM-4843210.0,, comments drop-down arrow is not visible in both WebTab and FlexUI after upgrading to
    HPM-4841710.0,, to show the Classification tab based on ArticleStructureGroupMap in FlexUI
    HPM-481328.,,,,,,, 10.0,,,,, Characteristics allows Command-Injection
    HPM-4812410.0,,,, does not filter items based on ACLs when items have been changed
    HPM-4811910.0,, Performance issue
    HPM-4804610.0,,, in PersistenceManagerChangeSummaryCache on request
    HPM-4804510.0,,, in PersistenceManagerCache when finalizing DataGraphInfo
    HPM-4804410.0,,, when executing reports
    HPM-479838., 10.0,,,, task which is already completed will be escalated if there is no User assigned (Supplier context)
    HPM-479528.1.0.05,, 10.0,,,, overlap is getting updated incorrectly when updated through REST API
    HPM-4786910.0,,,, object rights not working properly in WebUI when new catalogs added in the system
    HPM-477308.,,,,,,,, 10.0,,,, Statements in Characteristics Validation Expression is not appearing in Log
    HPM-428408., 10.0,,,, for "Task escalated" does not work properly