How to: Publish and Subscribe to Salesforce Platform Events using Salesforce Connection

Version 4

    Salesforce Connector connects to the Salesforce messaging platform to enable real-time message processing.


    You can use Salesforce Connector to perform the following tasks:


    • Configure a Salesforce connection, an event consumer, and an event producer.
    • Publish messages to Salesforce platform events.
    • Subscribe to events from Salesforce streaming channels such as platform events and PushTopic queries


    To learn about how to setup Salesforce Platform events, please refer How to Setup Salesforce Platform Events

    You must create a process in Cloud Application Integration to publish and subscribe to Salesforce platform events.


    In this video, we will demonstrate how to define an event producer (as an Event Target) and an event consumer (as an Event Source) in a Salesforce connection. We will also showcase how to use them in a Cloud Application Integration process to produce an event into and consume an event from a Salesforce platform event.


    • We will use the event producer to publish messages to a Salesforce platform event by using a Cloud Application Integration process.
    • We will use the event consumer to consume messages from this Salesforce platform event by using two Cloud Application Integration processes.