Informatica Salesforce Guides

Version 5

    Informatica Salesforce Guides is a process automation tool for Salesforce that allows users to easily adapt the application and automate repetitive tasks, without the need for APEX programming. With Informatica Salesforce Guides, Salesforce users create custom wizards that quickly and efficiently guide any other Salesforce user through a set of tasks and activities. This ensures that processes are completed correctly, consistently, and in the right order. Adding Salesforce Guides to Salesforce delivers greater user efficiency, better customer service, and accurate business reporting.


    Guides help customers to drive greater efficiency using Salesforce, provide the means of interactive access to data wherever it may be within and outside Salesforce, and improves customer support.


    “The benefits we’ve achieved are outstanding. We’ve seen a 20% increase in agent productivity, reduced our customer call waiting times

    to virtually zero, and reduced the time it takes to create new accounts by 85%. What used to be a 10-minute process is now just a minute and a half.” — Jonathan Adlerstein, CIO, Plymouth Rock Energy


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