IICS SDLC Practices

Version 3

    Author: Vivin Nath, Informatica Cloud Product Management


    As enterprises build, maintain, and integrate code across their proprietary, on-premises, and SaaS applications, it is imperative to embrace a team-based development methodology that enables collaboration and reuse, expedites software development, and yet provides governance capabilities to manage risks and enforce software quality.


    The Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services platform enables DevOps practices that promote close collaboration between business users, developers, and operations to meet your IT needs in your day-to-day business operations and digital transformation initiatives.


    This paper covers a variety of topics:

    • Leveraging Project and Folder Structure
    • Enabling DevOps Practice
    • Key Benefits of SDLC
      • Leveraging Export/Import APIs
      • Native GitHub Integration with IICS
      • IICS Asset Management CLI


    Review the following two samples to learn techniques how to perform: