MDM - Product 360 EBFs - October 2019

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    EBF/CR NumberEBF Available on Product and VersionShort Description
    HPM-475488.1.1.04, 8.2, server is stuck during the status cache load
    HPM-475208.1.0.05,, 8.2,,, Caption to sub-entity field is not working having selectable GroupLogicalKeys
    HPM-474638. of Structure group assignment displays error
    HPM-474618.1.1.04, 8.2, "Supplier relationship. Supplier item" stopped working after upgrading to PIM
    HPM-474408.0.03.09,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8.2,,,,, gets impersonalized with system user by AsyncATCSConsumerThreadFactory
    HPM-474058.1.1.04, 8.2, Export file download runs longer and blocks the UI
    HPM-473478.1.1.04, 8.2, Events for ProblemLogEntry are not accumulated
    HPM-473238.1.1.04, 8.2, Web Client allows Deletion of Product Category without any warning while Items are still Assigned
    HPM-471728.1.1.04, 8.2,,, filter function of MediaAsset List view does not work correctly
    HPM-471368.1.1.04, 8.2, while editing sub-entity records of custom fields
    HPM-469528.1.1.04, 8.2,, values cannot be deleted from Web Client
    HPM-462128.1.1.04, 8.2, sequence in the Create Item pop up of the thin client changes after every restart
    HPM-460698.1.1.04, 8.2, issue with "." in entity names
    HPM-459758.1.1.04, 8.2,, caption to the sub-entity field is not working for product.detailtab.xml
    HPM-448508.1.1.04, 8.2,, to create sub entities "readOnly" in web UI
    HPM-442768.1.1.04, 8.2,, to create custom captions for fields in field group that have a parent entity with logical key
    HPM-430798.1.1.04,, 8.2,, Tasks are not refreshing in WebUI