Notice: Deprecation Notice of ICRT API Endpoint Redirection to the CAI Service Effective 11 Aug 2020

Version 9

    To ensure a smooth migration of customers from the Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT) service to the IICS Cloud Application Integration (CAI) service, Informatica implemented the redirection of ICRT API endpoints to the corresponding CAI endpoints. We communicated on 27 June 2019 in the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Migration FAQ the ability for ICRT service endpoint to be redirected to the corresponding CAI endpoints.


    Post the migration to IICS/CAI Production, the client will still be able to send requests to the older ICRT Service URL, which will be automatically redirected to the equivalent CAI Service URL. However, please note that this redirection will be available only for a short period of time. We suggest that you should plan to update your client to send the requests to the new CAI Service URL, as soon as possible to reduce the number of network hops and thereby improve the performance.


    The redirection of ICRT API endpoints was to be temporary until the end of September 2019. We extended this deadline to 2 June 2020 but still see that some customers need more time. We are now extending this date to 11 Aug 2020. Upon cessation of the redirection, API clients that are still communicating via ICRT API endpoints will fail to connect and 404 errors will be returned.


    We recommend that customers start reconfiguring consuming applications and informing owners of API to transition from the use of ICRT API endpoints to the corresponding CAI API endpoint.


      • To Identify ICRT API endpoints and figure out the replacement CAI API endpoints, please refer attached document.
      • To obtain the CAI API endpoint information, use the Properties Detail dialog from Explore. Explained here.


    If you have questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager, open a support case with Global Customer Support.


    Thank you,

    Cloud Application Integration Team