MDM - Product 360 EBFs - September 2019

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    EDF/CR NumberProduct and Version
    Short Description
    HPM-467998.1.1.04, 8.2, for Structure Group Assignment fields work only in Desktop, but not in Web
    HPM-467828.1.1.04, 8.2, issue with Rest Request - StructureValueProxy cannot be found
    HPM-472018.0.5.09,,, 8.2,, to save the correct word for the second word while selecting from the drop-down
    HPM-469088.1.1.04, 8.2, session occupies too much memory with PopupErrorHandler in Web UI
    HPM-468688.1.1.04, 8.2, to use Preview template when using special characters in the picture name
    HPM-472398.1.1.04, 8.2, for a party with label displays ‘500 error’ after upgrading to PIM
    HSP-37378.2Edit Catalog items pop up does not listen to a selection
    HPM-469078.1.1.04, 8.2, session occupies too much memory with EntityEditListener in Web UI
    HPM-469548.1.1.04, 8.2, Performance is poor when merging from a large supplier catalog
    HPM-467348.1.0.05,, 8.2,, overrides the Main Supplier field, though mergeable = false
    HPM-466028.1.1.04, 8.2, Client freezes and the connection to the server is lost on Dev
    HPM-461938.1.1.04, 8.2, when editing many StructureGroup preset values
    HPM-471218.1.1.04, 8.2, error during the hotfolder import
    HPM-470228.1.1.04, 8.2, SDK exception handling is missing
    HPM-460458.1.1.04, 8.2, language key is ignored. The permitted number of values are exceeded.
    HPM-473578.1.1.04, 8.2, Client is slow to respond in DQ perspective