MDM - Product 360 EBFs - August 2019

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:


    EBF/CR Number
    Product and Version
    Short Description
    HPM-464058.1.1.04, 8.2, export files are not deleted if the error aborts which leads to a system halt
    HPM-460168.1.0.05,, 8.2Unable to save preferences in Mozilla XULrunner without getting it to file overwritten
    HPM-461568.1.1.04, 8.2, inheritance hangs / locks on objects persist
    HPM-466688.1.1.04, 8.2, object rights are not working properly in WebUI
    HPM-464918.1.1.04, 8.2Audit Trail scripts are not working in a Linux environment
    HPM-461608.1.1.04, 8.2, modified date of rule XML files is lost when the server is copying the files from the shared dataquality folder to the local workspace folder
    HPM-463728.1.1.04, 8.2Unable to sort on "Group Name" field when loading items in optimized mode
    HPM-458158.1.1.04, 8.2,, does not work with Subentities
    HSP-36688.2,,, an organization by a broker user assigned to 2k+ catalogs is throwing an error
    HPM-459308.0.6.07,,, 8.2The Desktop client is getting into Not responding state when updating Structure Group Preset value
    HPM-448848.1.0.05,, 8.2Nested Transition elements are not working in Details panel of PIM web
    HPM-449898. not working on the non-language qualified field even after enabling spell check in Repository
    HPM-463758.1.1.04, 8.2, JSON Post-processing step is not working as expected
    HPM-454638.1.1.04, 8.2Export with a custom export variable is not working as expected
    HPM-453848.1.1.04, 8.2Control-Center with multi-server setting does not show the status available for all servers.
    HPM-458848.1.0.05,, 8.2, Rich/Thick Client Locks up for all other users when a single user is adding a Supplier Catalog
    HPM-433358.1.0.05,, 8.2, right "Ignore quality status" is not considered in the WebClient
    HPM-460408.1.1.04,, 8.2, folder still has files when there are no jobs running in the process overview
    HPM-450128.1.1.03PIM crash on DQ execution when running in SDK
    HPM-448308.2Unable to link more than 66 Characteristic Categories to one Structure Group
    HPM-447788.1.1.04, 8.2,, to the article are not displayed in AuditTrail
    HPM-464538.2DQ stops working when you try to separate the process
    HPM-434268.1.1.04, 8.2Replace all(set all) functions break and throw an NPE in all ListModelTableViews for an entity without container like media asset file view