MDM - Product 360 EBFs - May

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for MDM - Product 360:

    EBF/CR NumberEBF Available on Product and versionShort Description
    HPM-448998., 8.2,,, Error “ConcurrentModificationException” with "reAdjustMappingToDatasource" and PreImportStep
    HMM-72178.1.2,,,,,, while executing updating image versions job
    HPM-452218.2,,, is displaying NullPointerException
    HPM-449418.0.5.09, 8.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, displays error when accessing dictionary and rule execution fails
    HPM-451578.0.5.09, 8.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not exiting with empty stack trace when customer DQ rules are run with Java transformation
    HPM-441978.0.5.09, 8.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, crash during DQ Execution with SDK 10.2 Error
    HPM-450778.2,,,, from and valid until the date is getting populated wrongly only for March 31
    HPM-453148.2,, "Field could not be found" in the export format template
    HSP-37018.2,,, scope of timeline messages to a different supplier takes 2 min
    HPM-452898.2,,,, import function "lookupItemNoByGTIN" returning article number with item GTIN as a parameter doesn't work properly (multiserver-environment)
    HPM-453868.2,, Widget parameter does not work according to the documentation
    HPM-451628.2,,, error when using export product attribute values in Replacement language: Language independent
    HPM-451178.2,,, performance on loading item characteristics tab
    HPM-452358.2,,, cannot be created using Queries within an empty catalog
    HPM-451978.2,, which are configured for sub-entities do not get a data input row in case the item has no single record for this sub-entity
    HPM-451638.2,, status value for media asset file 'xyz’ when doing an export
    HMM-75048.2,,,,, communication fails after Update
    HPM-448788.2,, in StatusCacheImpl when deleting Ingredients
    HPM-444698.2, stop with plugin error instead of displaying version check message
    HPM-449148.0.5.09, 8.2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, crashes with IDQ SDK exception