Enterprise Data Catalog EBFs - May

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC):

    EBF/CR NumberEBF Available on Product and versionShort Description
    14681EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses write.lock issue when starting catalog service related to Solr
    14646EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses “EDC resource load through REST API displays “404 message” even when the load is queued”
    14643EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses PC scanner extraction issue related to joiner transformation
    14608EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses IE misalignment issue when accessing EDC catalog UI
    14522EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses “App configuration is removed when restarting catalog service”
    14186EDC 10.2.1This EBF addresses Platform scanner issues where load fails with nullpointerexception and classCastException
    14567EDC 10.2.0This EBF addresses “Null pointer exception while running Oracle scanner”
    14597EDC 10.2.2This EBF addresses “Upgrade failure with Illegal unsupported escape sequence”
    14466EDC 10.2.1 Update 1This EBF addresses “Issue with compliance code from BG analyst into EDC”