PowerCenter Latest EBFs

Version 1

    The following table lists some of the EBFs released recently for PowerCenter:


    EBF/CR NumberEBF Available on Product and versionShort Description
    13892PowerCenter 10.2 HotFix 1

    This EBF addresses the following issues:

    RS crash at ‘ASSERT [tpordvec.h] line:[329]’ when there is communication failure with the database (CORE-7119)
    Integration service crashes at ‘TRepFolder::isAllowed’
    REGRESSION by basic truncatelog functionality is broken. This needs an immediate solution as the code changes are already merged in 10.2 HotFix 1 mainline (CORE-7160)
    When the workflow is checked out, its dependent non-reusable sessions are also getting checked out (CORE-7193)
    CPU/Memory of individual workflow executions without Grid must be tracked (Core-7057)
    14025PowerCenter 10.2HotFix 1This EBF addresses memory leak for Operations Insights including EBF-13892