MDM- Deprecation Notice for SOLR and HP-UX

Version 1

    Deprecation Notice for SOLR

    Informatica Multidomain MDM 10.3 is the last Multidomain MDM code line that will support SOLR engine for Smart Search; from Multidomain MDM 10.4 onwards, SOLR will not be a supported engine for Smart Search. Informatica introduced Elastic Search engine for Smart Search in Multidomain MDM 10.3. The same notice applies to the Customer 360 and Supplier 360 releases with the same release numbers as their Multidomain MDM platform.

    For IBM WebSphere Customers

    Elastic Search does not work with IBM JRE. To use Smart Search from MDM 10.4 onward, customers that use the IBM JRE can deploy Smart Search in a separate non-IBM JVM. For more information, click here.


    Deprecation Notice for HP-UX

    Multidomain MDM 10.3 is the last major release of Multidomain MDM that will support the HP-UX operating system. From Multidomain MDM 10.4 onwards, HP-UX operating system will not be supported.

    The same deprecation notice applies for MDM – Customer 360 and MDM – Supplier 360. MDM – Customer 360 10.4 and MDM – Supplier 360 10.4 and beyond will not support HP-UX operating system