Informatica World 2019 API and Application Integration Deep Dive

Version 20

    Welcome to Informatica World 2019 API and Application Integration Deep dive session !!


    Here you will find all what you need to go through amazing experience of solving typical business automation problem using Informatica Cloud Application Integration capabilities and API management services.The process you will build accomplishes the following:

    1. The customer provides order details (e.g. ItemName, ItemCount) and personal information (e.g. CustomerName, CustomerEmail)
    2. The item is looked-up in the inventory database for its availability.
    3. If the item is found it:
      • Fetches details from inventory on margins for this item
      • Sends emails to the customer and vendor with order confirmation details, and
      • Responds with Order Status, Order ID, Item Price and Order price.
    4. Otherwise, it responds to the Customer with a status of “Item not in stock. Apologies for the inconvenience”.


    Getting Ready for the Deep Dive Session

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    Have a look at the attached document for step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the hands-on session. This is also available as part of Cloud Application Integration Doc Portal -> Tutorials and Samples -> Order Management.


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