Lab 4 - Enterprise Data Warehousing

Version 4

    In today’s world, there is a greater need for orchestration as businesses become automated and productivity is dominant. It is not sufficient to just build out purpose-based specific tasks as they rarely work in silos; there is greater need to weave them together via orchestration patterns to achieve greater good.


    In this Lab exercise, we will be discussing Taskflows which lets you orchestrate various data tasks to achieve a much bigger use-case. Today, we will focus on Enterprise data warehousing use-case using Taskflows which runs on process engine; proven engine that powers Cloud Application Integration.


    We will create “TF_EDW_UseCase3” service that does the following:

    1. Read the Online Sales data (dimensions) from a Flat File and stage it to a MySQL table.
    2. If the staging was done successfully, read this data in parallel and derive insights (read. Facts).


    The above needs to be achieved by creating various Cloud Data Integration objects and weave them together into Taskflow.


    Video walk-through for this lab is available here.

    Running sample of this lab is available here. Import this in your workspace and get started.