Lab 3 - Orchestration of IICS Data Integration Tasks

Version 7

    Cloud Application Integration processes imbibe in all the aspects that would be needed to automate business processes. It is not just linked to reacting to events, performing tasks that emulate coding paradigm but it also includes calling Data Integration tasks as there may be a need to do so as per the use-case. Below lab exercise will walk through one such example.


    In this lab exercise, we will create “Orchestration of IICS Data Integration Tasks” service that does the following:

    1. Two processes that call Data Integration Task and perform specific tasks based on the result of Data Integration Task. Both these processes expect input of the name and type of Data Integration task to be invoked
    2. A Process that calls these two processes sequentially.


    Video walk-through for this lab is available here.

    Running sample of this lab is available here. Import this in your workspace and get started.