Lab 7 - Messaging Services

Version 4

    Cloud Application Integration is key to automation of business processes and given the nature of the service, it needs to have a rich set of connectivity to various systems.


    We will see how we can connect to a messaging system via AMQP and automatically trigger the business automation (simulated through Cloud Application Integration process) by publishing a message to the queue.


    The message could be anything (order, shipping information etc.) which could be used to trigger the process. Given the nature of the message, we will also see how to interpret this as an object. We will also show creation of a process object to achieve this.


    In this lab exercise, we will create “Messaging Services” service that does the following:

    1. Create an AMQP listener (read. Connector) that listens for a message on a queue.
    2. Create a process using this listener (and triggered on event). This process will use the process object that will confirm to the format of the message on the queue.
    3. Above process will read from the queue and write it to another queue on same broker.


    Video walk-through for this lab is available here.

    Running sample of this lab is available here. Import this in your workspace and get started.