Lab 2 - Leads Services (Marketo) Sample

Version 7

    Cloud Application Integration is key to automation of business processes and given the nature of the service, it needs to have a rich set of connectivity to various systems.


    It is virtually impossible to build connectors for each system as they run into Thousands. However, we live in the age of “standards” where each of these systems offer API interface. Cloud Application Integration provides a “visual” way to create connections to any of such systems via REST API.


    We would also need to tie these multiple connections together to be able to automate the business process. For this, we will use Processes that will help us weave these connectors together and let the user perform basic coding paradigms like decision making and parallel path execution.


    In this lab exercise, we will create a sample Marketo service that will do the following:

    1. Get the access_token to the Marketo API. This access_token is Marketo way of authentication.
    2. Use this access_token to call Marketo Leads API and get the required information.
    3. Automate this through process and exhibit decision making.


    Process design


    The above needs to be achieved by creating various Cloud Application Integration objects and weave them together to automate.


    Video walk-through for this lab is available here.

    Running sample of this lab is available here. Import this in your workspace and get started.