REST/SOAP based connectivity support in Informatica Cloud Application Integration

Version 1

    Informatica Cloud Application Integration (formerly ICRT) provides rich set of connectivity good enough to cover the huge spectrum of source systems available today. REST/SOAP based connectivity is gaining prominence since it is easy to use and available to all at arms length.


    Informatica Cloud Application Integration also provides a way to define custom connectors (read. connectors on the fly) that are REST/SOAP based, can be created automatically through WSDL/Swagger or manually, if there is none and behave almost the same way native connectors work. These connectors are called "Service Connectors" in context of Informatica Cloud Application Integration.


    Below articles gives an idea on how one can create service connectors:



    Below articles are useful from the context of usage of service connectors:



    Some frequently asked questions / errors are listed below for reference:



    There is more material available regarding messaging on Cloud Application Integration community. Please refer as per your requirements.