Agent as a Platform (AaaP) in Informatica Cloud Spring '17

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    A key aspect of the Informatica Cloud roadmap is to deploy on-premise Informatica products like MDM, Mercury, B2B etc. to Cloud.

    To support multiple such applications a new Agent framework– Agent as a  Platform (AaaP) is developed.


    In this article I will present a brief introduction about the new AaaP agent.


    What is AaaP?


    • AaaP is the new Secure Agent architecture designed to support independent applications.

    Currently there are two applications :

    1. Classic DTM based ETL application called Data Integration Service.
    2. Real time Data Integration based on Informatica Cloud Real Time technology called Process Engine.
    • In the old  Secure Agent (now called Legacy Secure Agent) architecture, all applications are tightly integrated and are not independent.

    This is partly because a single Web Application container (Tomcat) is used to host all the applications.

    • The Informatica Cloud Server, has a communication channel with individual Application. This enables independent Server-Application interaction.


    Key Advantages of AaaP


    • Application Isolation
      • One application is not impacted by a restart/upgrade of another application.
      • Application crashes are localized to one process and do not impact other applications running on that Agent.
    • Zero down time support  
      • Job execution is not affected even during an upgrade.
      • This is ensured by maintaining both versions of the application during the upgrade period.
      • The old version is removed after all currently running jobs are complete. During this time, any new job invocation will use the newer version of the application.
    • Reduced Agent Footprint
      • The size of the Agent installation is reduced when compared to the Legacy Agent.
      • Instead of having copies of the same jar/binary at different places, AaaP agent uses symbolic links to save space.


    Processes in AaaP



    *DIS : Data Integration Service


    Following are the “main” processes run in an AaaP agent machine:


    1. AgentCore process : It is responsible for Agent maintenance (upgrades, Application status etc.)
    2. DIS Tomcat process : It is responsible for ICS Cloud Task execution. It spawns the DTM process for executing a ETL task.
    3. Proces Enginee process : It is responsible for ICRT jobs.



    Application Status in AaaP:


    When agent starts up it internally starts each application under it.

    Each application has their own lifecycle, where they undergo several state changes before they are up and running.


    Applications States :

    • Deploying :  In this state AgentCore downloads application configuration files from the Cloud Server.
    • Running : Indicates that the application is up and ready to execute tasks.
    • Stopped : When an application is gracefully shutdown or forcefully shutdown the application is in this state.
    • Restart : An application is in the process of being stopped and started.
    • Unknown : If an application is in none of the above states.


    Below screenshot shows that different services status in AaaP. 



    One can login to the ICS server and check the status of each application.



    Content: Neelima Simhadri