Connect to Marketo using Cloud Real time - service connector

Version 1
    This document provides a sample Marketo ReST 'Informatica cloud service connector' which would set stage for user to start creating simple Marketo ReST API processes or real time integration artifacts.


    as you start playing with the Marketo service connector, you can add more complex scenario to the existing artifact.

    the following Marketo ReST API calls are provided in the attached Service connector.


    • Authentication
    • describe or fetch Lead object Metadata (fields, datatypes & precision)
    • get single Lead data
    • get multiple Lead data
    • create single or multiple Lead data-row
    • update single or multiple Lead data-row


    to import the attached artifact.

    • login to Informatica cloud portal
    • open 'service process design console'
    • click on 'import' icon to browse the xml file (you extracted from the attached zip file)
    • once you import the 'marketo rest service connector'. Open the 'definitions' tab and fill in the Client-Id, Client-Secret and baseUrl
    • user might need to use the 'getAuthToken' api call in this service connector to generate the accesstoken which needs to embedded in the Header of respective ReST api calls.


    Note: this is a community artifact. Users can use the attached Service connector to their discretion and are encouraged to add more use-case to this service connector based on individual implementation.