Installing an Informatica Cloud Secure Agent for Data Wizard

Version 1

    An Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a lightweight program that runs tasks and enables secure communication across the firewall between your organization and Informatica Cloud Data Wizard. If your Data Wizard task uses on-premise applications or databases, you need to install and register a Secure Agent before you run the task. Otherwise, Data Wizard will not have access to the data it needs to run the task.

    Follow the steps below to install and register a Secure Agent for Data Wizard:

    1. Download the Secure Agent installation file from the main Data Wizard page, and then double-click the file to install the Secure Agent.
    2. To register the Secure Agent, enter your Salesforce user name and an install token. You can obtain the install token from the main Data Wizard page, where you downloaded the Secure Agent.
    3. You can close the Secure Agent Manager window after you register the Secure Agent. The Secure Agent Manager minimizes to the taskbar and continues to run as a service until stopped.

    If you want to delete the Secure Agent, on the main Data Wizard page under Secure Agent, click Unregister.