Informatica Cloud MDM - Merge Contact job

Version 1

    In Cloud MDM, when duplicate contacts have been identified the user can choose to run the Merge Contact job to automatically merge all duplicate contacts. If they use this job, the contacts are successfully merged.


    However sometimes, the duplicate  records aren’t removed from the “Other Duplicates” tab.


    When the job executes, it continues to say “processing” under the cloud MDM tab. In the background when monitoring the Apex jobs it might have actually completed.


    The workaround for removing the duplicates from the Other Duplicates tab is to either delete the bean where the source is “Contact” and the Contact field is null, or removing the duplicate record. This work around is applicable for the release 4.34 (Winter 13) and has been fixed in our latest release (Spring 13).


    If you notice the issue, please upgrade to our latest release.