Getting Started with Informatica Cloud Connector Toolkit

Version 2

    NOTE: The connector toolkit samples and documentation have been updated for Java 1.7 in order to support the Fall 2013 Informatica Cloud release

    Download Connector Toolkit Sample Eclipse Project


    These are available on GitHub.



    Download Connector Toolkit Java Docs

    Register for a developer account

    Download and install agent from the Dev Org

    (If you have an existing agent that you have installed from production org, then uninstall it first)


    1.     Login to your dev org:


    2.     Click on Configure >Secure Agents
    Secure Agents.png


    3.     Click on the Download Agent... button

    4.     Once the Secure Agent download has finished, run the agent_install.exe (double click)




    5.     In the installation wizard accept all defaults and click Install




    6.     Click Done to close the installation wizard


    7.     Wait for the Secure Agent UI to show the registration screen




    8.     Enter your dev org credentials and click Register


    9.     Wait until the Secure Agent is up and running




    Follow the instructions in the cookbook to start building your connector


    Leverage the developer forum for any followup questions