PowerCenter Quick Start Guide - System & Resource Requirements

Version 1

    The document gives general guidelines and high level steps to prepare for an Informatica PowerCenter Installation. 


    For detailed updated instructions, see the Informatica documentation downloaded after your purchase is complete.


    This Document covers:

    1. Minimum System Requirements
    2. Minimum DB Requirements
    3. Minimum Disk Space Requirements
    4. Etc..


    To install an Informatica product, complete the pre-installation tasks and then run the server and client installers. Detail step-by-step are provided in the

    Installation and Configuration Guide. Then complete the post-installation steps. The pre-installation and post-installation tasks differ based on the product you install.


    This Quick Start Guide attached includes general installation steps. Please keep in mind these are "minimum" requirements. Optional steps or steps that are required only for certain platforms, databases, or features are discussed in the Installation and Configuration Guide.