[DTM_10004] The DTM process terminated unexpectedly

Version 1

    Every task fails with the error "[DTM_10004] The DTM process terminated unexpectedly". There are many reasons for this error.

    One of the reasons for this error is that the Secure agent is installed on a

    Windows Machine and the Windows performance counters are digits rather than


    To check the performance counter:


    - Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Performance.  

    - In the Performance window opened click Counter Logs. 

    - Open one of the counter logs (Ex:System_Overview) 

    - Click Add counter then we should see some strings like "Processor",

    "System" etc in drop down boxes. 

    - If it appears as numbers (such as 1500, 1511 etc.) and not strings then this

    machine is causing this error.




    - Stop the Informatica Secure agent service.

    - From the command prompt 

    - Go to the directory containing the PerfStringBackup.ini file. By default this

    file is in C:\Windows\system32. 

    - Run the following command:  

    lodctr /R PerfStringBackup.ini


    - Restart the Informatica Secure agent service.



    by Mangirish Sansguiri on June 2, 2010

    One of the other (simple) causes of this error is that the source/target structure has changed and you run the task without the changes getting updated in ICS.


    The solution is to click on "Refresh Fields" button in Step 5 of the Data Synchronization task and this will make sure that the changes reflect on ICS and then you would just have to run the task again. The error should not occur again.


    by Abhi Das on July 23, 2010

    The "DTM_10004" error can also appear if the server hosting the Secure Agent is running out of resources like memory or space.
    The session/engine log might have an entry at the end like "Terminating DTM process. Out of virtual memory"
    Free some resources on the server and run the task again.