Setting Up Flat File Connections in Informatica Cloud

Version 1

    The following video walks you through creating a flat file connection in Informatica Cloud.



    When testing the Flat File connection,  Get error message "The connection test failed.  Informatica agent does not have write permission to the directory  [C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop]."




    Go to control panel, adminstrative tools, services.  Double-click on the Informatica Secure Agent and then the logon tab. 

    Run the agent as a network user





    Sometimes the agent has trouble connecting to the  c:\Users directory.  The solution to this error is simple - move your  csv file to a folder directly on the c:\ drive.


    1) Create a new folder on the c drive.  for example - c:\cloud

    2) move your csv file to the new folder

    3) edit your connection or create a new connection to point to this new directory

    4) Edit your task to use the new connection.  On the mapping tab, be  sure to hit the "refresh" button and confirm your mappings are correct  before moving   forward.

    5) Save and run the task.



    Can the Informatica Secure Agent access files on the network?


    If you have a mapped network drive from the computer where the Informatica Secure Agent is installed.  You are able to browse to that mapped network drive when setting up the flat file connection.   So you can access files on the network drive long as you have mapped the drive.   Sometimes mapped network drives get disconnected due to certain windows network issues.  Example if you reboot.   Thus, it is recommended to keep the files on the local machine where the Agent in installed.