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    Here is the error: 

    There was an error connecting to the web service. Attempted to retry 3 times without success. com.sforce.soap.partner.UnexpectedErrorFault: REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded.


    You are only allowed so many API requests per rolling 24 hour period. Link below describing the limits based on your SFDC licensing.


    ICS (Informatica Cloud Services) is respectful of this and sends/receives your data in the largest batch sizes available.  You can however override these defaults in two ways.


    1) in step 6 of the wizard, specify a smaller batch size

    2) each Lookup transformation is a single API call per record in your filtered source data.


    To fix this, either run your tasks less frequently (for #1) based on your licensed limitation.   For #2, this might be initially in a migration, we recommend using the Data replication service to copy your data into files, and then lookup from those.   Then for your synchronizations, change the lookup back to objects.


    An example would be for a 1000 records, with default batch size of 200 that would mean 5 API calls for the batch itself, then if there was one lookup to on one of the fields, add 1000 more api calls (total of 1005), for lookups on 2 fields that means add 1000 more api calls - total of 2005.


    For setting up notifications in your to let you know the % threshhold that you are accessing with the API, login to, click on setup / Administration Setup/monitoring / API Usage notifications


    Here is a link to the video explaining the same:  The video details where to check for API limit and data usage in SFDC.