Integration: Using a Security Token or Configuring Trusted IP Address Ranges

Version 3

    When you access via the API (as Informatica Cloud does), you must either (1) use a security token with your login credentials, or (2) specify the IP address ranges of any machines that will be accessing Salesforce.


    Using a Security Token

    If you wish to use a security token, you will enter the token when you define the Salesforce connection in Informatica Cloud. The token should be copied and pasted into the Security Token field in the Connection Details page:




    If you do not have your Salesforce security token, you will need to reset it. To do this, follow the instructions below.


    Resetting your Salesforce Security Token

    1. Log in to
    2. Select Setup from the user menu.
    3. In the My Personal Information section, click the Reset your security token option:


    security token.jpg

    1. Click the Reset Security Token button:



    1. Check your email, and locate the email from "".
    2. Locate and copy the security token:


    1. Return to Informatica Cloud and paste the security token into your Salesforce connection.



    Adding the Informatica Cloud Servers and Agent Machine(s) to Salesforce Trusted IP Range

    If you do not include a security token in your Salesforce connection properties, you must add the IP ranges for the Informatica Cloud servers, as well as the IP address of all machines running the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent, to the list of Trusted IP Ranges in Salesforce.


    The IP ranges for the Informatica Cloud servers are as follows:


    If you access Salesforce data and do not want to use a security token, you can add the IP address ranges to trusted IP address ranges in your Salesforce account. At the Salesforce web site, click Setup > Security Controls > Network Access. Add IP address for each local machine that runs the Secure Agent, and add the Secure Agent IP address ranges.


    As of 2/4/2013, the Secure Agent uses the following IP address ranges at this time:




    See Doc: Secure Agent IP Address Ranges for Informatica Cloud (not applicable for IICS)


    Note: Secure Agent IP address ranges are subject to change. Check back for the latest Secure Agent IP address ranges.

    (published 2/4/2013)



    If you wish to configure trusted IP ranges for the Informatica Cloud servers and any agent machines, follow these directions:

    1. Log in to
    2. Select Setup from the user menu.
    3. Under Administration Setup (on the left-hand side of the screen), click on Security Controls, then Network Access.
    4. Click the New button.


    1. Enter as an example "" in the Start IP Address field and "" in the End IP Address field.
    2. Click Save:



    1. Click the New button again.
    2. Enter the IP address for the agent machine in both fields.
    3. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for any additional machines where the Informatica Secure Agent is installed.