How To Download and Install the Informatica Secure Agent

Version 5

    In some situations, you will need to download and re-install the Informatica Secure Agent. For example, you may need to install the agent on an additional machine, or you may need to re-install the agent on your own machine so that it points to a different Informatica Cloud org. Note that the Agent is tied to an org on installation, so if you wish to point it to a different org, you must re-install it.


    If it has been some time since you created your Informatica Cloud account, or if you are installing additional agents a long time after the initial setup, you may get the following error message: "Agent is not available." If you see this error message, contact Support (by clicking on the "Support" link in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen), and we will re-generate the installer for you directly.


    Re-Installing the Agent

    If you are having a problem and you think it is the Agent, you may want to re-install it. To re-install the Agent, follow these steps:


    1. Back-up any configuration files. For example, if you've defined proxy settings, make a back-up of your "proxy.ini" file (located in the "Program Files\Informatica Secure Agent" directory).
    2. Uninstall the Agent by running the following program:
    3. "C:\ Program Files\Informatica Secure Agent\Uninstall_Informatica Secure Agent\Uninstall Informatica Secure Agent.exe".
    4. Delete the Informatica Secure Agent directory.
    5. Download and install the Agent.
    6. Copy configuration files (If you had a proxy.ini file, copy it back).


    Downloading and Installing the Agent

    To download and install the agent, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Configure tab.
    2. Click on Runtime Environments



    3. Click the Download Secure Agent button




    4.   Select your operating system, and click the Download button:




    5. Click the Save button to save the installer to your local machine:




    6. When the installer has finished downloading, locate the file - named "agent_install.exe" - and double-click it to start the installation.

    1. Click the Run button and follow the remaining steps in the installation wizard.

            We recommend that you accept the installation default values.


         A registration page appears.



      Enter your Informatica Cloud username and password and click Register.

    The Secure Agent starts.


    The  Informatica Cloud Secure Agent window displays the status of the Secure  Agent. You can restart, stop, and configure the Secure Agent proxy in  this window. You can close the window at any time. The Secure Agent  continues to run as a service until stopped.


    The Secure Agent Manager minimizes to the Windows taskbar notification area.  Closing the Secure Agent Manager does not affect the Secure Agent  status.


    See Documentation detail on how to install and register on the Linux platform.