• SAP Table Connection error

    Hi ,   I have created an SAP Table connector and tested it as successful and when I try to create tasks in IICS I am able to view the tables as well when I select the connector but after creating an import task ...
    Shawn J
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  • Informatica Response to Apache Log4j RCE Zero Day Vulnerability

    Informatica is dedicated to proactively monitoring and responding to threats that might impact our products and services.   We have actively monitored and mitigated the evolving situation involving security vulne...
    Pattabhi Raman
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  • CDQ Rule Specification Definition Dimension List

    Currently the CDQ Rule Specification definition dimension drop-down list contains only 6 dimensions. We use 8 dimensions at our organization. Can I change this dimension drop-drown list?
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  • Creating a mapping task in data integration free trial version

    Hi All,   I have created an account in IICS trial version , but I am not able to install the secure agent after creating the runtime environment in this trial version. Can anyone please help me here? Also I am us...
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  • Admin Console LDAP Filter - Get groups

    Hi everyone.   We have to create a LDAP syncronization with our Windows AD domain and filter some groups in it.   What we have today:   We have a nested group (group inside another) like this: Group...
    Washington Filho
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  • Call sif from spring boot

    Hi, i need to call sif through ejb from a spring boot runnable application without the use of an application server, is this possible?
    giuseppe spanò
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  • Enabling https in MDM

    Informatica MDM version 10.4 HF2 JBOSS : jboss-eap-7.2 OS : Linux   Could you please help to enable https for Informatica MDM. Any backup need to be taken.   As I didn't perform this activity earlier.
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Unable to login Informatica MDM Hub Console

    Hi Team   Unable to generate jre file through MDM Hub Console. As its giving below error every time.   Could you pls help.  
    Kumar Kumar
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  • task assignment depending on user

    Hello,   We are using ActiveVos for the workflow, in our use case we have two roles (user and datasteward) and many users can have these roles (user_x, user_y..., datasteward_x, datasteward_y...), what we want ...
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  • MDM Version

    Could you please help to find out what all the ways the MDM version we are using.   As I'm new to MDM.
    Kumar Kumar
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  • Unix Service Accounts and PC10.4.1

    Does PC 10.4.1 in a linux environment require a service account?
    John Lyons
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  • Reading Json file in to the EDC

    How can we read a JSon file containing all the metadata (a config.json) from a non-Informatica MDM system in to Informatica EDC v10.4 in order to create a resource and scan it periodically. Just to note that there is ...
    Nayan K
    created by Nayan K
  • Update Address Doctor Engine 5.15 / 5.16

    Hi,   I need to update AD engine to the latest release or one version down and looking forward to know detailed steps as in how this should be performed in Linux server.   Version details. OS - RHEL 7.4 ...
    Rajan B
    created by Rajan B
  • 10.5.1 upgrade question/confusion

    We are in the process of upgrading to 10.5.1 from  In following the documentation regarding general post upgrade steps (https://docs.informatica.com/data-catalog/enterprise-data-catalog/10-5-1/upgradi...
    Kenneth Guyette
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  • Informatica test says expired.

    Hi Everyone,   Informatica test last date is 25th of January 2022, I was trying to make the second attempt to take the test, but it says expired and unable to get in touch with the right person to get this done....
    Reshma MD
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  • Password Policy in Informatica PowerCenter

    Hi Team   Version : Informatica PC 10.4.1 Security Domain : Native   We are using native authentication in Informatica PC.   Can we configure password policy like below.   pattern  (1 - u...
    Kumar Kumar
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  • IBM DB2 v11.5 support for Informatica Power Center v10.4.1

    We are currently facing the issue that our IBM DB2 v. is going out of support by 30 April 2022 this year and we have the information that Informatica Power Center v10.4.1 is not officially supporting IBM DB2 v...
    Steffen Karjoth
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  • Is there a rate limit for EDC and AXON REST-API?

    Hi all,   Is there a rate limit policy for the number of API calls a user can make within a given period?     Thanks!
    Gerald Holgado
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  • Server responds error on SOAP request

    Hi,   I'm getting the following error when calling SAOPAction: "http://validator2.AddressDoctor.com/addInteractive/Interactive/Validate" Anyone have any ideas what to do or where the problem comes from? <?x...
    Lisa Fank
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  • Storage GRID connector

    Hi INFA Support,   I am trying to connect to NetApp StorageGRID object store, generally we are able to connect to the object store using AWS S3 CLI and BOTO3. I tried using Amazon S3 Cloud v2 connector but it s...
    Navjot Bharadwaj
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