• Republish from Informatica MDM 10.1

    Hi,   Good morning. Hope you are doing well. There is one base object having one underlying xrefs from a single source. What is the best way to republish the message so that the message is again placed on messag...
    Ajay Kumar
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  • Jar files for SSO Implementation for Informatica MDM

    Hello Team,   I hope all are doing well..!   I am trying to implement SSO Authentication in MDM. To achieve this, I am trying to write a snippet in java. from where I can download MDM 10.4 HF2 supported j...
    Avinash Godge
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  • How to avoid a 'UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW:unable to obtain exclusive access to this record:--' error

    I'm getting hundreds of records that have this 'UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW:unable to obtain exclusive access to this record:--' error - I've had a similar issue when trying to delete records - is there a way to 'sort' the sou...
    Matt Baker
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  • MDM Roll Out

    Dear Experts, Need your help - how to go for a MDM Roll out Strategy ? What are the challenges we may come across &what are the best practice we may follow If any resources link can be shared it will be helpfu...
    Gauranga Panda
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  • MDM Batch job is failing due to Null pointer exception in MDM 10.4

    Hi All,   We are getting the below error when we triggered the batch jobs from MDM.   Please let me know the fix for this issue if anyone faced this issue   Error message :   [2021-11-29 00:19...
    Ramesh M
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  • Looking for API Manager Activity Log

    I have looked through the API documentation and cannot find anything that would give me access to the API Manager > Analytics > Activity Log. I want to know when one of our managed API's fails to work. We curren...
    Kevin Rexroad
    created by Kevin Rexroad
  • Can we have multiple PSB interface from PWX to IMS DB

    We have a new requirement to access IMS XXS/XX1 database from Informatica Power Exchange. Existing PWX Netport  feature to access IMS is thru PSB= PSBNAMEL which does not have IMS DB PCBs with XXS/XX1 in it. Qu...
    Manoj Kaveri
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  • Mulesoft Scanner

    I am trying to determine if/when the Mulesoft scanner will be released for the EDC Advanced Scanners.  I had seen in a presentation from a while back that this was on the roadmap as an ETL scanner for Q4 2021.
    Kenneth Guyette
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  • Metadata Manager - load failed with Could not find required file: ... \services\MetadataManagerService\mm_files\MM_E1_01\mm_load\xmi_files\220859

    I'm trying to load the metadata information from one jdbc Database. The Metadata Manager is Version 10.4. I'm able to load one Oracle DB or Informatica Powercenter Resource. For the JDBC I've installed the Agent on o...
    Alexandru Stan
    created by Alexandru Stan
  • Hadoop data lake connectivity from IDQ through JDBC

    Hi All,   I am looking for some document on how to connect hadoop data lakes through JDBC from IDQ.   Can anyone please give any insight on what all information is needed to configure the same.   Tha...
    Amit B
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  • Handle Special Character

    Hi, we have  noticed that when we import the business glossary template on the Analyst tool special characters (',@,&,/,%,...) are not recognized and edited by the tool.     How can we handle spec...
    Valeria Dima
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  • Last successful run timestamp

    Is there a built in property that stores the last run SUCCESSFUL timestamp like LastRunTime?
    Toral Parekh
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  • IICS: Login V2 SAML API Fails.

    Hi Everyone,   I am trying to use IICS SAML Login API (/ma/api/v2/user/loginSaml). SAML is setup in my Informatica Cloud with OKTA and we are using beow SAML assertion. I replaced values with $$.     ...
    Rohit Anand
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  • how to handle Japanese character in query

    Hello everyone   Im trying to load data from hana db to oracle through informatica (IICS). the query that I use have some condition based on Japanese character, for example:   SELECT field1, field2, cas...
    Doan Quynh
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  • Where to find Administrator Metadata associated to failed tasks within a workflow?

    We have automated workflows housed in Informatica Administrator from IDQ (10.5.1). Each workflow contains 7 mappings and each mapping is followed by a notification email stating success or failure.   When the w...
    Michelle Gore
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  • Disable power center pipeline

    Hi, we have a power center mapping with a kafka source and target, we would to process one record at time in the entire mapping, is possible to disable pipiline to obtain this behavour?   Thanks Giuseppe
    giuseppe spanò
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  • How to store JSON array data into one column in SQL table?

    I am using IICS to do ETL. My source is a JSON file. I am using Hierarchy parser to parse that JSON and load the output into database. Everything is going fine except one thing. Within that source JSON file there is o...
    Aniruddha Gayake
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  • How to parameterize a flat file source for Mapping task in Informatica cloud

    The requirement is to setup a system to read a new csv file every week from a directory and load the data into SQL table.   I decided to go with the File listener, so as the new file arrives in the folder it tri...
    swati das
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  • PowerCenter Upgrade 10.4 to 10.5

    We are beginning to explore 10.5 due to Java concerns.   Can we take our 10.4 HF1 exported XML object file we use for deployment and import them directly into 10.5 which we will have installed in a separate ...
    Don Michie
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  • Problem loading data from SAP ODP source

    Hi Experts,   We have a problem loading data from SAP ODP source (connection type: SAP ODP Extractor). Our mapping consists of a source (SAP ODP) and a target (ADLS Gen 2). The SAP ODP source is configured as ...
    Giuliano Ronco
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