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Virtual Summit Event
Accelerate Digital Transformation in a Data 4.0 World with Intelligence and Automation

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
10:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM CDT | 1:00 PM EDT


Enterprises today face an inflection point: How to rapidly transform for the future while increasing business continuity and optimizing costs? The answer is to adopt cloud-native, platform-scale, AI-powered intelligent data management with hyper-automation that increases trust and privacy – in short, take the step to Data 4.0.

Join our Fall 2020 virtual launch event to accelerate digital transformation in a Data 4.0 world with cloud-native serverless data management, business continuity, an intelligent data marketplace, a 360-degree business view leveraging multi-domain MDM, intelligent application modernization, and an intelligent data fabric. You’ll learn about the latest industry-leading product innovations through deep dives, demos, and access to our product experts across five areas:

  • Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lake: Accelerate business value and achieve operational efficiency, increased productivity and lower total cost of ownership by designing, building, and deploying cloud-native serverless data management pipelines in any cloud. Leverage scalable ingestion, improved performance, CLAIRE-powered auto-tuning, out-of-the-box auto-scaling, and ensure full business continuity without worrying about provisioning and managing servers.
  • Data Governance & Privacy: Operationalize a collaborative, crowdsourced data marketplace through intelligence and automation to enable enterprise-wide data democratization with self-service access to trusted and protected data.
  • Business 360: Master data and insights for a 360-degree view of your business for every user. Achieve business resiliency and continuity with intelligent automation and domain-specific 360 solutions (customer, product, supplier, finance) that provide visibility and a contextual understanding across your entire business.
  • Enterprise iPaaS: Modernize your on-premises applications and build cloud-native ones with best-of-breed capabilities for every stage of your enterprise integration and data management requirements, with services including application and API integration, data integration, mass ingestion, data quality, integration hub, B2B, monitoring, security and more, all from a single, cloud-native, AI-powered platform
  • Platform, AI & Data Cataloging: Enable an intelligent and automated data fabric that powers your data-driven business transformation with industry-leading data cataloging, active metadata management, metadata-driven AI, deep metadata extraction, and data lineage.
Don’t miss:
  • A product track of interest: Select from Cloud Data Warehouse and Data Lakes, Data Governance and Privacy, Business 360, Enterprise iPaaS, Data Cataloging and AI. Or attend all five if you choose. At each track you can access the following:Live chat: Informatica experts will answer your questions live.
    • Deep dives: Informatica product leaders will show you the benefits of our latest innovations in in-depth sessions.
    • Demos: Experience industry-leading solutions first-hand as Informatica product experts demonstrate new features.






Scale Digital Commerce Capabilities and Build Supply Chain Agility with Intelligence and Automation


Are you transforming your digital capabilities to meet changing market trends and customer expectations? A trusted 360-degree view of your end-to-end information value chain helps you quickly respond to changes in buying behavior.


Join industry thought leaders, Informatica customers, and product experts for our Digital Commerce & Supply Chain Summit. Learn how to execute digital commerce and supply chain initiatives that deliver a competitive advantage:

  • Build supply chain agility with end-to-end insights and a better understanding of macro demand trends to enable rapid identification of alternate suppliers, improved collaboration, and faster time to market
  • Scale digital commerce capabilities with trusted product experiences and automated syndication of product content across channels
  • Reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies with intelligent, automated data management workflows
  • Take a cloud-first approach to securely manage and govern data and achieve a faster time to value


Welcome and Intro
Suresh Menon, Informatica
Analyst Overview
Lora Cecere, Founder, Supply Chain Insights
Customer Panel Discussion
Nallan Sriraman, Global Technology Strategist, Unilever
Visionary Demo
Manouj Tahiliani, Informatica
Partner Best Practices
Closing Remarks





How do you build next-gen enterprise architectures that lead digital transformation? Whether you are planning or executing transformative initiatives across cloud analytics, data governance and privacy, application modernization, or a 360 view of your business, you need modern, cloud-native, and AI-driven architectures that can accelerate business strategy and easily adapt to future requirements.


Meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing business environment and technology landscape. Join us at the Next-Generation Enterprise Architecture Summit to learn actionable best practices from industry-leading, innovative organizations:


  • Hear how world-class organizations overcame key challenges
  • Discover best practices you can put into action right away
  • Align next-generation architectures to your own business strategy
  • Accelerate digital transformation with minimal internal disruption
  • Deliver productivity with intelligence and automation

Featured Presenters:

  • Darshan Joshi, SVP, Technology, Informatica
  • David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research
  • David Hensley II, Sr. IT Architecture Design Manager, Genworth
  • Shanthi Vigneshwaran
    Supervisory Computer Scientist, Integrated Data Management Capability Team (Integrity), FDA
  • Vinny Da Silveria, Solution Architect, Braskem


Registration Link*:

The Informatica Data Governance & Privacy Foundation series offers you the very latest training and the opportunity to become Data Governance & Privacy certified to Foundation Level. Complete the series and pass the related quiz to earn a certification badge that you can post on your LinkedIn profile.

Target Audiences:

  • Those who work in/with the office of the CDO
  • Data Analytics Sales/Client Reps
  • Practice & Delivery Managers
  • Enterprise Solution Architects/Senior Solution Consultants
  • Data Architects & Consultants
  • Technical Managers (Project Managers, Project Leads)
  • Data Analysts/Business Analysts/Data Stewards
  • Data Engineers (Implementers)

Certification: After successfully answering the quiz questions (with a score of at least 80%), participants will receive “Data Governance and Privacy Foundation Level” certification.


This three-part series will cover Data Democratization, Data Governance for Analytics and Data Privacy Governance.


You can register for these on-demand sessions here:

Data Governance and Privacy

The Informatica Cloud Lakehouse Data Management Foundation series offers you the very latest training and the opportunity to become Cloud Lakehouse Data Management certified to Foundation Level. Complete the series and pass the related quizzes to earn a certification badge that you can post on your LinkedIn profile.

Target Audiences:

  • Data/Analytics Sales Managers and Client Reps
  • Practice & Delivery Managers
  • Enterprise Solution Architects/Solution Consultants, including presales
  • Data Architects & Consultants
  • Technical Managers (Project Managers, Project Leads)
  • PowerCenter Developers & Testers
  • Cloud Data Engineers

Certification: After successfully answering the quiz questions (with a score of at least 80%), participants will receive “Cloud Lakehouse Data Management Foundation Level” certification.


In this three-part series, you will learn about Cloud Data Warehouse & Data Lakes, Data Catalog, Data Integration & Mass Ingestion in the Cloud and Cloud Data Quality & Data Governance.


You can register for this Foundational Certification series here:

Cloud Lakehouse Data Management