• Shared/Unique Config and Monitoring

    We want to maintain a single config file shared across several applications, yet we also want to have different parameters for some apps than others. I have a foggy memory that the sanctioned way to do this is for eve...
    Bob Van Valzah
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  • Informatica UMS: lbm_event_dispatch raises a kernel exception

    Hi Support, A receiving topic calls lbm_event_dispatch on the event queue thread as shown below: const auto res = lbm_event_dispatch(m_pEventQueue, tmo /* LBM_EVENT_QUEUE_BLOCK */);  This snapshot taken out of...
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  • Java Examples cannot be compiled with 6.10 lbm

    Hello Team, unfortunately I cannot compile java examples with lbm-6.10.jar. It looks like whole package import com.latencybusters.lbm.sdm.*; is absent there. Could you please advice how to deal with that, and where I...
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  • Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition / LBM 4.1 documentation

    Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition / LBM 4.1 documentation?
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  • UMS 6.5 - native memory leak

    hi All,            there is a significant native memory leak in our Java processes. Below are the details: OS: Solaris Ultramessaging: UMP6.5   Symptoms: ...
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  • Introduction to Topic resolution in Ultra Messaging Streaming

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  • Essential Monitoring for Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition

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  • lbmrd failover possibility?

    Hi, In our environment we have running lbmrd to serve unicast topic resolution domain. And clients have in configuration "context resolver_unicast_address". Is there possibility to configure failover (hot-st...
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  • How to optimize the LBM UM configuration for avoiding Core-5688-540: WARNING: source for topic  * "MSG_FEED:SYM" forced reclaim 41c. "

    How to optmize the LBM configuration for avoiding source retention buffer problem that eventually end up in giving Core-5688-540: WARNING: source for topic  * "MSG_FEED:SYM" forced reclaim 41c. " continuously. ...
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  • I am trying to starting ummd server but it shows Starting...

    Hi,   I am new to the Ultra messaging.   I have read the documentation available and could not find the information relevant.   While I am starting the ummd it shows "Starting..." and just that. Ther...
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  • What sort of problems could be causing this failed assertion in lbmtmgr.c?

    I'm trying to subscribe to a topic.  The code works when isolated.  However, when I run it within my application, where I don't subscribe until a button is pressed in my application, I get the following erro...
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  • CLR20R3 Unhandled NullReferenceException

    Hi,   We're getting an unhandled NullReferenceException.   Details:   assembly: umdsclient.dll assembly ver: 1.0.5135.11824 faulting method def: d7 faulting method IL offset: 53   Decompilin...
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  • How do i use UM application to Extract Streaming chatter feeds from salesforce? please add code snippet if possible!!

    I have to extract streaming Chatter feeds using UM application. The feeds need to be saved in a csv file. How do I use UM application to do the task?   Thanks in advance.            ...
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  • UDP and TCP port ranges

    Can we use the same port ranges for resolver_unicast_port_* and transport_tcp_port_*? Does this bind same port for UDP and TCP?
    Anil Kumar V
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  • LBMMON API issues setting up source: CoreApi-5688-1278: late join not allowed when request_tcp_bind_request_port is disabled

    We have a mature application using UMS and we are trying to strap some monitoring of our messaging layer in using the LBMMON API however we are encountering issues with setting up monitoring source.   We're sett...
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  • Receiver and Source statistics using Java API for UM

    Hi Guys,   We're using UMS 6.5 and trying to use the Java API to pull out statistics on sources and receivers however the statistics aren't being updated regularly.   We're calling the below the first time...
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  • To Check lbmrd is running or not

    Hi Friends,   I am using LBM v5.3. For my application I need to check whether the lbmrd process is up and running or not. I need to check this progrmatically using (c++/C)   Please advice.   Thanks...
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  • How can the latency around the topic resolution phase be reduced?

    Hi there, so im facing issues whereby we make an intra-day subscription and the problem seems to be that we are not creating our lbtrm join quick enough (leading to missing packets and app level recaps)   ... ...
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  • Ultra Messaging or IBM MQ

    I need to know which one of these Ultra messaging & IBM MQ is the better option when we are dealing with high volumes of real time messaging system. volume peaks 30,000 messages/sec. Can IBm MQ handle it or UM can...
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  • Ruby Bindings for LBM

    Are there any Ruby binding for LBM available? Has anyone been successful in using LBM from Ruby?
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