• Does LBM use IPC namespaces?

    We are using LBM with OpenLoad Kernel Bypass Libraries. We recently enabled hugepages for openLoad but server crashed. On the creashdump the signature looks like LBM had a memory access violation. This could be possib...
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  • UMS on Redhat 6 or Centos 6

    Hi, I was wondering if UMS is supported on Redhat 6 or Centos 6? it uses the 2.6 kernel.
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  • How to properly handle SRC_EVENT_UME_MESSAGE_NOT_STABLE LBMSourceEvent state

    was not able to find the particular info in Informatica Ultra Messaging - 5.3.6 - API Reference - (English)
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  • Ultra messaging

    what is ultra messaging and what purpose it serves
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  • Registered I/O in Windows 2012

    Hi.   Does UMS make use of the Registered I/O extension in Windows 2012? If not, is there any plans to do so?   /René
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  • First message published is not delivered to the Queue

    Hi,   A peculiar situation ....   I am using UMQ 6.1 and running queues as a quorum of 3.   My Java application starts up and publishes five messages. The first message is not delivered to the queue....
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  • Ultra Messaging Podcast ideas

    Hi,   I'm currently recording the first video in a set where I aim to build an Ultra Messaging application from scratch.   I'm going to start by writing a very simple source and receiver, without all of t...
  • questions regarding lbm_rcv_retrieve_all_transport_stats

    I need to get transport statistics of LBM by calling lbm_rcv_retrieve_all_transport_stats(). As I can see this function takes pointer of lbm_rcv_t. Whereas in place of ordinary LBM receiver, I am using LBM wildcard re...
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  • lbm_rcv_delivery_ctlr_order_msg

    Hi guys,   Please see the following backtrace output Thread 1 (process 10540): #0  0x0000000000f5e45f in lbm_rcv_delivery_ctlr_order_msg (ctlr=0x7f50e4f22e60, msg=0x5b71880) at lbm/lbmrcvdc.c:842  ...
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  • Detecting Topic Resolution Completion

    Is it possible to tell when the topic resolution has completed when using multicast transport?   The knowledgebase article here: https://communities.informatica.com/infakb/faq/5/Pages/80181.aspx states: "If you...
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  • Inline monitor_transport_opts?

    I've seen previously that one could configure the context monitor_transport_opts with inline key/value pairs like:   context monitor_transport_opts context|transport_lbtrm_source_port_low=15000\;context|transpor...
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  • UM Gateway version compatibility

    Can Ultra Messaging Gateway version 5.3 ( tnwgd ) work with a source using LBM 4.0?
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  • UMDS Authentication

    Hi,   I am attemption to configure authentication of the UMDS component.   When setting application authentication I get LoginDenied & the msg:   "Received Status 1 from server - authentication '...
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  • lbm timer error in logs

    Hi,   I'm developing a c# application that uses UMS v5.2.2. Ocassionally, the application will log the follorwing error:   2013-02-08 09:52:01,041 [11] WARN  SimpleMessageContext - 2/8/2013 9:52:01 AM...
  • Use application managed file descriptors with Java API?

    HI, According to the concepts guide: "The application can register its own file descriptors with UM to be monitored for state changes (readable, writable, error, etc)." There appear to be some supporting functions i...
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  • UMDS using MIM?

    I am trying to stop our processes joining the multicast group. The documentation states that this is the default group used for MIM.   When I added the following to our configuration, the processes ...
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  • LBM Heartbeat to avoid context switching

    Hello,   We'd like to explore options in LBM receiver that creates a spinning effect to avoid excessive context switching. Specifically, I'm wondering if there are attributes related to lbm's heartbeat implement...
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  • subscription to UMDS does not get messages from LBM

    Hi,   I have recently installed UMDS onto a server and have been able to successfully publish and subscribe using the test apps.   Unfortunately, when I point the umdsreceive app at a topic which we are pu...
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  • lbm_create_context fails with 5688-3268

    The function lbm_create_context fails, and lbm_errmsg returns following message.   "CoreApi-5688-3268: multicast receive bind (port = 14401), multicast group = : (10022) An invalid argument was supplied...
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  • Resource Adapter for integration of UMS into JEE container?

    Good afternoon,   I would like to integrate a JBossAS7-based application as subscriber with our UMS messaging infrastructure. Unfortunately this does not work out of the box since there is no resource adapter av...
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